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The Fooddude domain is presented as a free resource on the worldwide web and exists as a public service.  It is maintained to serve those in, or wishing to enter, the packaged foods and beverage business.

   The Fooddude site offers a variety of free resources.  In addition, a talented team of highly experienced industry consultants, with specialties ranging from product development, positioning, branding, and packaging, to international marketing and sales can be reached through this resource.  These industry specialists are located throughout the United States, and bring valuable trade experience to those introducing their products to market.  If you would like to be contacted about an idea, review our 'Final Checklist' and then use the 'Refer Me!' tab at left.

   No matter what stage of development your enterprise is in, or what level of assistance you seek, you'll find that a free referral from the Fooddude is a wise investment!  Please keep in mind that these are professionals, and while initial contacts may be provided for free, fees for service can be expected.  (Client and consultant agree to fees in advance. All work is contracted by independent associates.)

   To enter the Fooddude site, click a link to the left, and welcome to the food industry!