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Final Checklist

Before requesting a Fooddude referral, please review the FAQs below to make sure that when you're contacted by a Fooddude affiliate, you're ready to go!

1. Do you have a local sales success story?

Before rolling out a product, it's important to build a success story to show the product's viability.  Sure, family and friends think you're a culinary genius, but convincing retailers and consumers to open their wallets and part with a buck, demonstrates you're ready for the big leagues.


2. Have you evaluated your financing needs?

Getting a product to market will take a meaningful--and sometimes painful--level of investment.  There is packaging, trade show attendance, sales material, direct mail, phone calls, public relations activities...the list can seem to go on forever.  Make sure you're funded for success.


3.  Have you located your co-packer?

Having a certified co-packer is important because it will allow you to grow quickly to meet demand.  It also ensures that you comply with all food handling certifications required.


4.  Are your 'numbers' in order?

Having a great product doesn't mean you have a marketable product.  For your product to be a success at retail, it must begin with a realistic retail price and provide for reasonable profit levels for everyone in the distribution chain.  If your Aunt Tillie's marmalade will reasonably retail for $5.99 per jar at the SuperShop, then figure SuperShop will pay about $3.89 per jar from your distributor (35% profit margin), and your distributor will pay about $2.72 per jar to you (30% profit margin) .  After you pay your  suppliers and/or co-packer, cover your overhead, marketers and freight company out of that $2.72 per jar, will there be some left for you?


5.  And now that you have that $2.72...

Don't forget the often 'unspoken' costs-of-goods-sold like free goods to distributors or retailers with their orders, off-invoice incentive discounts, slotting fees, Buy-One-Get-One promotions, and oh, there will likely be some merchandise returned to you for credit.


6.  Are you still ready?

If you are comfortable with your answers to all of the above and feel ready to begin down the road to the Fooddude Hall of Fame, then return to the Refer Me! page and get started.